Little drummer boy

Teenager plays for Jesus

Those in the Main Street area were recently treated to a live performance by Gage Caruthers, who was playing the drums on his porch. Caruthers, 17, said his performance was dedicated to Jesus.

“I’m not saying I”m really good, but I play with the Holy Spirit, I play for Jesus and God,” Caruthers said.

“They talk to me as I play and I get visions, pictures…I feel honored by God to be at the front of the lines… and worship for everybody. It is Something I am blessed to do.”

Caruthers enjoys playing outside because he likes to see people walk or drive past him and enjoy his music.

Since he’s outside on Main Street , people in their cars honk their horns and smile at him. Sometimes children will play outside and ask Caruthers if they can hit the drums too.

He hasn’t received any major noise complaints yet.

“I think one time I played a little bit too late,” he admitted. “A police officer asked me to ‘cut it out,’ but not in a mean way… it wasn’t that late. It wasn’t like 10 o’clock, it was like 8:30 p.m.”

However, Caruthers said no one from the public has approached him mad or angry. Normally, people will make Facebook posts of him playing outside. This makes Caruthers giggle. His intentions are not to annoy the public, but to bring positive life into his hometown and to have Jesus in his heart.

” I love Jesus, he’s my buddy,” Caruthers said. “When I play, I bring that atmosphere to New Castle. I love this town and I want it to get better. I have a heart for it. It’s always home.”

New Castle City Code, Chapter 100, addresses noise regulations, specifically those pertaining to loud speakers, radios, CD players, TVs, musical instruments, phonographs cassette players, etc. On private property, for example, city code states that noise should not be, “audible 40 feet or more outside of said private property line,” or “is at a level of 90 decibels (90dB) a dB (A) scale from a distance of not less than six feet from said private property line.”